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An itinerary to discover the artistic and classic beauties of Sicily.

1st day: Palermo
Arrival at Palermo airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation in the reserved rooms, dinner and overnight.

2nd day: Palermo - Monreale
This day is dedicated to the guided visit of the town monuments, which are mainly in arabic-norman style, among which there are the Cathedral, which preserves the Norman kings' tombs and that of the Suevian emperor Frederick II, the Royal Palace with the precious Palatine Chapel, the Church of Saint John of the Hermits. Then you will carry on for Monreale, known for the cloister and the beautiful Cathedral, defined "the eighth wonder of the world" for its mosaics. Lunch. Gone back to Palermo we will offer a short trip in the town centre where we will see the Four Corners, Pretoria Square and the Massimo Theatre. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

3rd day: Segesta - Erice - Selinunte
Departure for the solitary temple of Segesta. Continuation for Erice, visit to the town and lunch at restaurant. Continuation for Selinunte, the most important archaeological park in the Mediterranean area, where, within the frame of a suggestive landscape, you will find the temples, the fortifications, the towers of the ancient Greek town destroyed by the Carthaginians in the fifth century b. C. Arrival at Agrigento, accommodation in the reserved rooms, dinner and overnight stay.

4th day: Agrigento - Piazza Armerina
Visit to the Temples Valley in Agrigento, where among hundreds of almond trees, the majestic temples of the ancient Akragas rise. Continuation for Piazza Armerina, lunch. Visit to the imperial Roman Villa of the Casale, extraordinary example of high Roman architecture. Visitors can admire the splendid mosaics covering the floors in all the halls, galleries and thermal rooms. Their richness and variety is unique in the world. Arrival at Acireale (Naxos or Taormina), accommodation in the reserved rooms, dinner and overnight stay.

5th day:Etna - Taormina
Excursion on Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe; you will reach the height of 1900 metres by bus. Back to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon visit of the mythical Taormina and of its Greek Theatre situated in a splendid position. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

6th day:Siracusa - Catania
Departure for Siracusa, where you will visit the archaeological parc, which includes treasures like the Greek Theatre, Dyonisus's Ear, the Greek-Roman Amphitheatre, Jerone II's Altar. Short visit to Ortigia Isle, where the town, which today constitutes the historical centre of Siracusa. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon continuation for Catania, for a walk through the main streets of the town. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

7th day:Tindari - Cefalý
Departure for Tindari, where you can visit the famous and imposing Sanctuary dedicated to the Black Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage destination. From the belvedere square, where you can enjoy a beautiful view, you will reach the Archaeological Area where there are the remains of a Greek theatre, of the thermal baths and of a Basilica, a remarkable three - floor building. Lunch at the restaurant and continuation for Cefalý. Visit to the Cathedral which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Arrival at Palermo, accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

8th day:Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Palermo 's airport.


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