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Travel and simultaneously deepening the cultural and literary knowledge, is the purpose of the literary park.
It is a physical and mental space, where you can explore the sights, find the atmosphere, experience live the emotions aroused by the pages of the greatest writers and poets of the island.
Literary Parks created in Sicily are dedicated to the major authors of the region: Salvatore Quasimodo, Luigi Pirandello, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Giovanni Verga, Leonardo Sciascia, Stefano D'Arrigo, Nino Savarese and Elio Vittorini.
It is a project that involves all those seeking the goals related to cultural tourism.
Visitors are offered recreational activities that stimulate the imagination and the desire to know the area "literary" from an unusual point of view, closer to the visual experience of the authors of that geographical realities have left evidence. Several cultural events: conferences, seminars, exhibitions, educational tours, literary cafes, guided readings and theatrical activities.
The Literary Parks often evolve from simple ideas: a story to help you better appreciate the literary productions, are an ideal place of memory of some literary geniuses, they help to preserve the most genuine aspects of the territory of origin and birth of works of art literary.
Thanks to them, the visitor will also discover the area, the items and local products of Sicily dear to the writers, know more about other historical events and themes that inspired those of unquestionable reputation genes.
List of literary parks in Sicily:


Luigi Pirandello                           


Stefano D'Arrigo                            


Salvatore Quasimodo                   



Giuseppe Tomasi da Lampedusa 


Leonardo Sciascia                       


Giovanni Verga                                


Nino Savarese                             


Elio Vittorini                                      


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