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Tandem Paraglinding
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One of the most ancient dreams of man and a different way to admire the beauty of Sicily. Tandem paragliding is a paragliding pilots association. All of them are professional and proven experienced. They are officially recognized from Aeroclub d’Italia e FIVL  – free flight italian federation. They are able to fly with tourists on tandem paragliding on various places such us San Vito lo Capo, Piana degli Albanesi, Cefalů, Palermo, Pollina and more.


Everybody can do it, you don't need any training or preparation prior .....You will have an opening briefing, as preparation to the flight,you must have a couples of steps braces to one of them who carry you flying safely.

It is really an extraordinary experience!

Fares 2012:

The price is Euro 125 per person including:

 - shuttle service: pick-up in Palermo and environment, in an area of 20 km max. Transfer for coming back to the starting point.

- statutory insurances

- delivery of certificate for you first flight.

Reservation is requested 2 days before...the flight is always possible after good whether, confirmed only one day before....

Important: the ticket will be payed only in case of good whether and flight performed.


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